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How a group of friends came to try Swing Fit through Facebook

A group chat and shared posts on Facebook is how a group of friends came to try Swing Fit at this year’s ISPS Handa Women’s Australian Open in Adelaide.

Erin, an 18-year-old university student, and a group of her friends who’d never previously tried golf, seized the opportunity to give it a go.

“We have done things together before like paint-balling, so when we saw an opportunity to try golf with a casual dress code, we thought, `What a fun new thing to try together!’,” Erin said.

“My partner plays golf at quite a high level, so usually when I'm around golf it seems to be rather serious, but Swing Fit was so much fun!

“My friends and I are now planning to go to the driving range and I would like to enrol in another Swing Fit program once my university timetable is sorted out.”

‘Rock up’ monthly sessions are held each month (Wednesday 6:00pm) at North Adelaide Golf Course (known as Adelaide City Swing Fit Centre). The next session is coming up on 18 October. So grab your friends, throw on your active wear and try something new together - Come along for a fun night out!

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