Swing Fit
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Centre Conditions
  1. All Swing Fit Deliverers should
    1. Be a Swing Fit qualified Deliverer
    2. Have satisfied the Swing Fit educational and training requirements prescribed by Golf Australia from time to time
  2. The Swing Fit Centre is required to ensure their implementation and conduct of the Swing Fit program by:
    1. Complying with all relevant policies, procedures and other guidelines developed and notified by Golf Australia.
    2. Purchasing of the Swing Fit Deliverer’s Kit.
    3. Complying with the Swing Fit program curriculum.
    4. Ensuring all participants register via the Swing Fit website (either via the participant themselves or the Centre bulk upload).
    5. Ensuring Centre contact details and program descriptions are accurate.
    6. Actively promote the Swing Fit program and run a minimum of one (1) Swing Fit program per year. (Note: GA takes no responsibility for the subject matter of deliverers’ direct marketing content).
    7. Complying with the Swing Fit Brand Guidelines.
    8. Providing a welcoming and friendly environment for women.
  3. Registration fees for participants are fully refundable, unless a Centre has a strong case for them being non-refundable.
  4. Golf Australia may at any time withdraw a Swing Fit Centre’s right to conduct the Swing Fit program for any reason.

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